Saturday, 11 September 2010

Bienvenue a Strasbourg!

Unortunatly for all you lovely people ive resurfaced from the depths of deepest darkest prague to find myself in an  internet fuelled france! I think the only place in the world where mcdonalds has a beer garden. Also where I managed to accidentaly order 36 chicken nuggets after they misunderstood my order for 6 mcnuggets as 6 boxes of 6 mcnuggets. Yes I did eat them all in one sitting. Yes I was ill. And yes I will never go to mcdondalds again(for at least a week)

Anyhows, back to the actualy point of this blog, music! I promised a while back a bit of a mix from Odjbox which ive kind of had lying round a while now , Im sorry I wanted to enjoy its exclusivity! 

At this point I realise I dont know where iv put the mix, so or a while until i update the post ill have to fob you off with this! Odjbox's latest track!

 Saraghina by Odjbox

And know ive found it again with a lot of help from the man himself! But that over tune was just to good to remove from this post just because im forgetful! But i got hold of the man himself and managed to get in a few questions!

And heres the mix so you can listen while you read:
 OdjFrocks and Dancing Socks by odjmixbox

How did you get into electro-swing?"
I didn't even know it existed until a few months back..!
For the past few years I've been heavily getting into swing (Via Duke Ellington, the king of swing!) but I always thought it was a shame that these tunes would probably never fill the dance floors again, so I decided to try remix them in a way that could make them danceable for our modern ears. At the time I saw it more as instrumental hip hop than anything else though... Then when I listened to "White Mink : Black Cotton" I realised that other people were doing exactly what I wanted to do and beyond! From then on I have been a fan of the genre and will have to step up my game!!
"What can we expect from you in the future?"
You can expect me to still be making music, but other than that i'm not really sure... However, I know I'm going to experiment with a few other genres from around the world to blend into the electro swing smoothie! Also, I hope to get together an interesting show with live elements alongside good old fashioned dj-ing.
"What are your top picks of tracks/artists right now?"
Keep on eye on... Trio Manouche, Benny Berigan, Theo Krish, Jem Stone, Dutty Moonshine, The Correspondents, Sup Peeps Records and of course Freshly Squeezed Music.... to name just a few!
Top Tracks outside of electrio swing... 
Old Seville by Mumbo Jumbo
CollaBo in Pratellanza by Sunshine feat. RibboRes
The Anthem by Onra
Uncle Sam Goddam by Brother Ali
Linda Morena by Quantic & His Combo Barbaro
"what do you reckon we've got to be excited for in the coming year?"
The explosion of electro swing! Really looking forward to hearing emerging artists take on the genre! One of the beauties of Electro Swing is there are no boundaries! Would love to see 'Swing Hop' branch out a bit too...! So in my eyes we've a lot to be excited about! 
Thats it for this week but feel free to get in touch with me guys! im at  

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