Saturday, 26 February 2011


As I said last week i might not of found time to do stuff for this week, just been swamped sorry!
So instead heres a mix from my good friend burnitov! Hope you like!
 BURNITOV - With A Swing, Hop, Step n Bass by Burnitov

Saturday, 19 February 2011


As promised last week, heres saturdays weekly portion of electro swing. This week courtesy of Tavo.As always guys and girls if you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to mail me at (i'll be inundated with spam now, but at least you can get hold of me).

Tavo aka Gustavo Sandoval, is quite possibly one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and in the spirit of this niceness hes allowed me to share with you three of his new tracks! (the third will come after the interview as an incentive to read it, or maybe scroll downt the page like a cheetah who drank to much red bull.)

 Jerome Ferry-JF Airlines (Tavo Jackin the Plane Remix) by Tavo 

You can find this on beatport; under voch records!

 James Curd-Be my Baby (Tavo Scratch the sh** out of this Remix) by Tavo 

So now your tappin your feet and starting to hum along, into the interview! Here goes:

You really came to most peoples attention over here with the excellent black & tan remix but you had been mixing and producing along time before that?
A/ Well, I have been on this road for a very long time, club music and mixing have been with me since I was 13 and I started a DJ Career something around my 14th Bday. As for producing, there is so much to learn and I can't say I'm yet a producer, I'm on the way though. The fact that I release a few tracks don't really give me the confidence to say I deserve that title, but I'm working hard everyday to learn more and more about this and Hollywood (Black & Tan) was a great achievement for me, specially because people actually like it, I'm learning everyday and certainly there are many good tracks on the way!
I've heard about an epic world record mixing session can you tell me more about it all? how did that all come about? did you just wake up one morning and go "I want a world record"?
A/ I don't like to talk much about this but it's true. This was back in '96 and wasn't my idea at all. A radio Station called "La X" in Colombia, invited me to challenge the previous record they did with a fellow DJ, I accepted and gave my best. I think though that it was not a Record personally mine, many people was involved, doctors, DJs, friends and the People of Cali (Colombia) that cheer me up and kept me alive until the doctors said it was enough. I made 127 h 2min of Non Stop Mixing on Radio and no drugs or coffee were involved... a lot of ice though.
You've spent a long time in Asia. Do you think the experience changed you in any way or guided the type of music you play and make?
A/ Sure, Asia is awesome, lived there 7 years and I miss it now. Tokyo made me the International DJ I am now. The challenge of multicultural crowds was really exciting, it invited me to explore new styles of music and experiment with mixing. Then when I move to China, the things were very different, a new challenge, people is not that open to styles that are not commercial so I have to go with the flow, but in time I got a good reputation and beside getting some cool residencies I did 2 massive tours covering the must important cities of China... what an experience!
If you could take one thing away from Asia what would it be?
A/ Nothing, I love everything about it. I think people can't imagine what it really is until a visit, specially regarding China, there is so much we can learn from the living styles of the Asian people... we can tech them also a thing or two ;)
How did you discover electro swing and get into it?
A/ Well let me tell you this, the first Record I bought when I was a kid was "Swing the Mood" by the Mastermixers... since there everytime I listen to this genre it just makes me nuts! The truth is that I as many, heard a track here and there (who didnt play Doop Doop in the early 90s) but there was this TV commercial with
Upside Down by Paloma Faith as soundtrack, that made me realize there was a strong thing happening, so I start researching and Booom! in my face dozens of great producers and many really cool tracks! It hit me immediately, it is, this will be my first track... and Black & Tan was born!
(in case you havnt heard them all)
Could you tell me some more about these tracks that i'm blogging? How do you come across your samples? endless Internet or record shop searching? or are they personal favorites?
Well for James Curd and Enzo Siffredi, the labels sent me the parts, I use just what I thought was compelling to my perception of the track and I put it together with my own arrangement. For JF Airlines is another story, the original is actually a Progressive track and from it I just used one vocal sample, the rest was made by me as I wanted to give a completely different twist to the track...and I think I did.
Finally what would you describe your sound as at least in the electro swing genre? You have lots of different genres of music, do you enjoy the diversity? or just feel you shouldn't be trapped in anyone genre? if so why?
I will describe my sound as "evolving" since I still on the very humble crawling stage of my producer career, none the less, I will say that my Latino roots make me create tracks with a lot of groove and with a techy line. I love tech House, its simplicity and its sound just make me crazy, you don't need vocals or anything, just a groove and a great bass line and you can express your idea to the maximum. I like diversity though I'm not quite a follower of commercial music, but as I always say, a good song is a good song no matter the genre. As for been trap, I will never be, my Latino roots an my trips around the world made understand that there is no limitations on music and there are many things out there that I dont even know yet... been trap within a music style will never be on my mind as it will be like closing your eyes in front of the ocean, I will miss so much!
And as promised heres the last track:
Tavo's currently down with the flu, so I hope you share my wishes that he get better soon! That makes all for this week. Look forward to a review of Swing Republics new album next time! I have to apologise that it might well not be next saturday, I'm stuck in the coliseum of gladiators that is the EU Parliament all week. I might therfore, have to buy you off with yet another swing mix (if anyones got any good ones send them over)
So have a good week folks, and keep swinging! 


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Catching up with Bart & Baker for the New Year

roSorry to seem out of it quite recently, I've been waiting on somethings to come to fruition that sadly didnt happen! For future reference im hoping to get something sorted for a post every Saturday! so you can go straight from reading this into listening to the great radio show Bart & Baker are presenting every Saturday evening at 21:00 GMT on

Also make sure yu check out my shop on the right hand side of the page to check their new compilation CD!

Talking of Bart & Baker, I managed to catch up with and persuade them to give there views on the last year and the year ahead! It might be February, and many of you might of already broken your new year resolutions, but hopefully anticipation for the year ahead is still in the air!

To give it the new year flavour, heres a mix of some of my favourite tracks of the last year so you have something to listen to whilst you read throught he interview!
Swing Set by longland

We all know that with a new year comes not only fresh opportunities but a chance to reflect on the past year. The past year has been the year of electro swing with it sweeping into the mainstream with some amazing tracks. But was your personal highlight to the year?and also the lowest point if you have one?

2010 has been an outstanding year for us. We had our first Cd released (Swing Party) and we did our first serious production with the Slim Gaillard track as part of Electro Swing III, we played at Bestival, produced an excellent party with the Correspondents. We have launch our first radio show. We feel really lucky but most of all totally thankful to all the people that came to our parties, chose to work with us and obviously liked our sound. On the other side of life, Bart lost one of his relative, so maybe that would be the lowest part of the year for us...

So sorry to hear about that. But good to hear about the many highlights! In your many shows, can you pick out any tracks that you couldn't of been without last year?and possibly a favourite?

Mmmm difficult...but maybe the track Douai Madison from 6u5, because it leaded to a good friendship with him. We're big fans of Swing Republic too. Very intelligent production.

What other dj's and producers did you feel had a good 2010?

I think that the whole Electro Swing scene had quite a lot of fun last year. Most of the Djs and producers have made better sets and records than the year before. Take Club de Belugas and Tape Five, they grow better at each release.

Now in January we have already begun the new year with AlgorhythmiKs brilliant jump for swing, but what else do you think we can expect from 2011 in terms of new music and artists? also events?

Someone I know had the chance to listen to the new Caravan Palace, and it's supposed to be even better than the first album, which was already awsome. Also we have some productions still awaiting to be released - it takes time because of the usual copyright issues. So maybe we'll be part of the exciting stuff. In terms of events, that's what's exciting about never really know what will happen !

Do you have anything exciting planned for the new year?

Our agenda is already pretty booked. Our residencies (at Moulin Rouge & Balajo), a new Pin-up themed party at the iconic Alcazar club in Paris and very soon, we'll unveil the new BAL SWING line up.

Thats all very exciting to hear! Im looking forward to hearing more about this new pin-up themed night! Im sure like everyone else reading here I'm very excited to hear about the new line up!

Thats all for this week but check in next Saturday for a bit of a track exclusive straight from Tavo!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Presenting Kiwistar

Kiwistar aka Michel Parey has been moving in the dance-halls of Paris for a while now, mixing a blend of hip hop - mash up - electro swing that pushed him to be nominated for best Electro Swing DJ of the last year. Finally managed to get hold of a 80 minute mix from him so you can understand just how good he is.Enjoy!

You can check him out at these upcoming events:

09/02 @ 130 Club PARIS 1
18/02 @ Musicale Comedie (Ex Monkey's) PARIS 19 W/ 6U5 & PAUL H4KS
11/03 @ Zenzilé COMPIEGNE

 Swinging Kills Mixtape by Kiwistar by Kiwistar

Tracklist :
Smokey Joe & The Kid - Get Biddy High
Artie Shaw - Prosschai (Minimatic Remix)
Modjo Vs Jazzhole - Lady (Jimi Needles Jazz Cocktail)
In-Grid - Vive Le Swing (Sounho Reshaked)
Sancocho e' Tigres - Lujo De Pobre (Klauser Edit)
Jem Stone - Teleparp
Jerome Ferry - JF Airlines (Tavo Jackin The House Remix)
Cyril Noir - Got Me Running
Dominic Martin - See The Light
Emmanuel Kosh - Make My Music (Zodiac Cartel Remix)
Paul Carpenter - Minnie The Moocher (Olli DJ Remix)
Shemian - 1927
Bart & Baker - Communication
Gramophonedzie - Why Dont You
6U5 - Douai Charleston
Dutty Moonshine - Yes Please
Odjbox - Baker's Dozen
Mumbojumbo - Spanky McSwindleton
Andy Kisiragi - Amyl Balkan
Parov Stelar - The Paris Swing Box
Swing Republic - Lover Come Back To Me
Enzo Siffredi - Song Of The Down (Tavo Remix)
Manaré - Speakeasy (Lorcan Mak Remix)
Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat Remix)
Wolfie Razzmatazz - Swingimal Criminal
Tavo - Hollywood (Black & Tan) (Nuclear Remix)
Atomic Drop - We Go Party
Cinti - Swing
Realboy & Dynamics - 1922
Caravan Palace - Brotherswing (Major Zero Balkan Bass Edit)
Zombie Disco Squad - Eurovision
Dutty Moonshine - The God Track
Nadadrop - Prohibition
Franck Sinatra - New York New York (Chew Fu Fix)
Don Johnston & Wayward - Entourage
Albert Aponte - El Catante (Tavo Remix)
Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack (J-Me Remix)
Dutty Moonshine - How to Escape from a Haunted House

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


My girlfriend just pointed me in the direction of this and had to share, although it's not entirely electro swing it has the same feel and im loving it atm! Hope your feeling it the same as me! Got some big things coming up soon, but just being hush hush about it, until I hear back from people, so keep checking in!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Algorhytmik, Sound Nomaden and Strawberry Dacquiri in a Bag

After the debauchery of new year these few tracks are cutting through the fortnight long hangover bought on by strawberry daiquiri in a bag. If someone offers you alcohol in a bag never take it. To most of you that probably seems like obvious advice, however to the small percentage of you like me who would happily guzzle any bag alchohol, I feel I have to warn you. possible effects may include such things as being sick in your girlfriends slippers. I hope you enjoy these tracks and any alcoholic beverages in bags, as much as I.

 Jump for Swing by AlgoRythmiK

 Sound Nomaden_Hot Club Swing by SoundNomaden

 Anything Goes (remastered) by Major Zero

I'm sure we will be hearing much more from these few in the year to come!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Sorry for any delay

just a quick note to say: im sorry. This whole project isn't dead. far from it. As you know if you have been following, ive jsut moved to france, and the whole crazy french ship that exists over here has kind of dragged me down with it. Not to worry though, i seem to of got back to dry land and hopefully be back with more music soon as! keep swinging!